Most people pass Mozambique off as just another tropical destination. But it is so much more than that. Yes, the beaches will leave you in sun-kissed awe but if you’re looking for adventure, history, and cuisine that’s more than just seafood, Mozambique will tick all your boxes…Here are our top 10 reasons why Mozambique should be your next getaway.

1. Marine Reserves

Comprised of 6 islands off the southern coast of Mozambique, the Barazuto Archipelago delivers some of the most pristine diving sites and coral reefs in the world. Home to endangered wildlife such as whale sharks, leatherback turtles and the rare dugong, snorkelling these reefs will leave you with a sense of awe. You can swim in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world, which provide protected sanctuaries for dolphins, turtles, sharks, whales, and reefs. You can book diving expeditions and learn more about how precious these ecosystems are to the country and the world.

2. National Parks

Situated throughout the country, Mozambique has an abundance of national parks and reserves. Gorongosa, Quirimbas and South Gonarezhou are a few of them that offer an oasis of forests and savannahs filled with animal life. You will find hippos, lions, crocodiles, and antelopes going about their days of grazing, splashing, hunting, and roaming. Lake Urema and its wetlands offer a bird watchers haven with thousands of birds while the multilayered Murombodzi Falls provides an unforgettable scene.

3. Historic Towns and Colonial Ruins

Formerly Portuguese Guinea, Mozambique has a wealth of architectural and cultural history. You can visit Beira, also known as “the ship graveyard”, whose coastline is filled with rusted old hulls of shipwrecks. While in the area you can visit the Cathedral of Beira Ruins of the Fort in Sofala. And if you’re one for old, abandoned buildings don’t miss the Grande Hotel Beira, a looming structure of a bygone era. Mozambique has a plethora of historical landmarks throughout the land.

4. Whale Watching

If you’re in Mozambique between May and September book a whale-watching excursion where you could view up to 30 whales in one day. A sunrise or sunset cruise is the best time to spot them while on an authentic Dhow with refreshments provided. You can also dive with the whales and listen to them through a hydrophone. Don’t forget to take your GoPro!

5. City Hoping

Explore the hustle and bustle of Maputo, including the iconic Central Market and the Turundu Botanical Gardens, created in 1885. Then take a trip to Inhambane further north which offers grand colonial architecture and is one of the most attractive towns to visit. The island city of Angoche, whose trading centre was founded in the 1490s, is well worth the visit. But if you’re looking for something more authentic there are numerous villages scattered in every province where you can get a sense of the traditional lives of the locals.

6. Culinary Hotspots

Some of the best culinary experiences are to be had here, from the capital of Maputo to the small local restaurants along the coastlines and villages. Think fresh, spicy, local ingredient dishes made by the locals in traditional ways passed down through generations. Drawing inspiration from their heritage, the cuisine here is as diverse as their land. Besides the world-famous Portuguese chicken found everywhere, why not try something new like Matapa, or Xima or just ask what they would recommend and take a leap into exotic bliss? Your tastebuds will not be disappointed.

7. Cultural Diversity

With Maputo considered a “living museum” of the country’s cultures, traditions and diversity are plentiful and rich. A mix of Islam, Swahili, Bantu, Europeans and Christians harmoniously coexist and makes for a unique holiday. Take it all in with the Cultural Tours on offer, taking you from villages to museums and discovering the different peoples and traditions and how they intertwine to make Mozambique what it is today.

8. Exclusive Resorts and Lodges

To add to the overall beauty of the natural attractions, Mozambique also offers a vast array of high-end lodges and resorts to enhance the experience. Think beach resorts with rooms opening right out onto the sandy beaches and lodges situated in the heart of open lands and forests with the sounds of wild animals off in the distance.

9. Game Reserves

For those less adventurous you can experience the wild from the comfort of a game viewing vehicle. There are numerous lodges and day excursions taking you into the wild to view lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, warthogs, zebras and many more. Besides the national parks, the game reserves are a wonderful way to experience nature and wildlife up close. Visit Niassa, Gile, Karingani for some of the best viewing experiences.

10. Tropical Paradise

No list is complete without mentioning one of the top reasons people go to Mozambique for. Thousands of miles of palm-lined beaches are the ultimate draw for sun and surf lovers. The untamed natural beauty of the coastline is one of the best in the world with some beaches and islands being so secluded you will easily find one all to yourself. You can’t go wrong if you’re into water sports or prefer to just sip on cocktails while lying on the golden sands.


Mozambique is filled with diverse and unique experiences for any kind of traveller. Between its rugged peaks and inviting shores, the country has so much to offer you’d be hard-pressed to not want to visit two or four more times. And if all this isn’t enough for you, the warmth and friendliness of the people will keep you coming back for more.

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